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About Us

Hello and welcome,


We’re Sarah and Dave, a social worker/counsellor and teacher respectively and part of a neurodivergent family.

Through Pathways, we offer a range of services and support for autistic children/teenagers, their families and for professionals.


Pathways is neuro-affirming. We recognise autism as a neurotype not a disorder. We encourage autistic children to be their authentic autistic selves; to play and communicate as they feel comfortable, to learn in the ways which suit them, to understand and be supported with their sensory processing differences and to express their needs so they can be accommodated for.


Pathways is realistic in acknowledging the challenges which autistic children and their families can face, whilst also suggesting positive ways through them.


Pathways combines autistic lived experience with professional experience.

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Dave is a primary school teacher and tutor. He has a BSC Hons, Diploma in Youth Counselling (level 4) and QTS. He brings extensive experience of working with autistic children. He has taught in primary and secondary schools and worked in specialist and mainstream settings as well as

supporting home educated and EOTAS learners.

For a flavour of the kind of tuition he offers, visit his Facebook page David Witt | Facebook



Sarah is a registered social worker with over 20 years’ experience. She has a DipSW, BA Hons in Psychology (BPS accredited), a Diploma in Counselling (level 4) and a Diploma in Youth Counselling (level 4). She brings extensive experience of supporting autistic children and has worked with children and parents/carers in a range of settings.  

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