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Changing Pathways

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Changing Pathways is a counselling service for neurodivergent young people and for parents and carers.


Changing Pathways counselling is provided by Sarah. She offers a home visiting counselling service for children and teenagers and online sessions for parents and carers.


Sarah has a BA Hons in Psychology (BPS accredited), a Diploma in Counselling (level 4), a Diploma in Youth Counselling (level 4), DipSW and is a registered social worker.


Changing Pathways is neuro-affirming, recognising a child’s neurodivergence as an integral and valuable part of their identity.

Home visiting counselling service for neurodivergent children and teenagers


It can be difficult for young people to access therapeutic support. It typically involves meeting a new person in a new environment, often with very little idea of what that meeting will involve. 


A home visiting counselling service removes one of those barriers, allowing the child to access support in a setting where they feel safe and comfortable. It won’t suit everyone but it can work very well for some.


My approach is predominantly person-centred, with the following values being integral to my work:

  • Respect for the child's neurotype. The development of positive identity is so important for mental health and wellbeing. It is therefore crucial for a counsellor to understand and value the child’s neurotype, both so they can support the child to understand themselves better and also to avoid inadvertently encouraging the child to think or behave in a more neurotypical way.


  • Respect for the child's autonomy. That means I won't be 'getting them to do' anything. Any ‘goals’ we work towards will be chosen by them and how we spend each session will be up to them.

Sessions will be tailored to the individual child. Most young people prefer to do something rather than just sit and talk; I will bring a selection of games, activities and sensory aids or they are welcome to use their own toys, games, iPad (or equivalent), have their pet with them or do whatever makes them feel comfortable. If they find it easier to engage whilst bouncing on a trampoline, playing their favourite music, building Lego or anything else, that’s fine with me. Sessions last for up to 45 minutes.

For more information, please view our FAQ’s and our ‘What to expect?’ guide below. You are welcome to ask any further questions either via email or via a free no-obligation phone call. Beyond this the fee is £45 per session.





Online counselling for parents/carers of neurodivergent children

My support is around helping parents/carers with the challenges they can face caring for neurodivergent children in a society which is predominantly designed for neurotypicals. These challenges may include:

  • Negotiating the system to secure a diagnosis and appropriate support for your child

  • Witnessing your child's distress over school (or other environments)

  • Adapting your parenting to suit your child's needs

  • Feeling isolated or judged by friends/family members who do not understand or will not accommodate your child's needs

  • Recognising that your child's pathway in life may be different from the one you had anticipated

I offer a safe, empathetic and non-judgemental space for you to express and explore your thoughts and feelings as you adjust to the changing pathway your child and family are on. All sessions are currently via video call or telephone.

I understand how important it is to feel comfortable with a counsellor. I therefore offer a free no-obligation introductory phone call. Beyond this the fee is £40 per session.

Many therapeutic approaches and techniques are based on our understanding of neurotypical individuals.

So how can we best support autistic children and teens seeking help?

We explore this in our FREE guide.

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