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Pathways Family Programmes

"Try Before You Buy"

Hello and welcome. We are so pleased that you have found us.

Thank you for taking this opportunity to explore our family programmes. 

You can view the initial sessions below, but first we'll tell you a bit about us...

Our Story

As a teacher and social worker/counsellor, we thought we were well equipped to be parents. Between us we'd studied psychology, teaching, social work and counselling at university, all with a focus on children and families. 

However, we came to realise that the vast majority of our learning had focused on neurotypical children and was of little or no help when we found ourselves parenting neurodivergent children.

We wanted to do better, both for our family and for the neurodivergent children and families we worked with. 

So we started again. We learnt everything we could about neurodivergence and specifically autism.

New Pathways is the programme we wish we'd had many years ago. It offers a comprehensive understanding of autism, addresses commonly asked questions, and gives you the knowledge and skills to parent and advocate for your child with confidence.

Your Pathway provides a fun and neuro-affirming opportunity for autistic children/teens to explore their autistic identity with a trusted adult.

Pathways Family Programmes:

  • Combine professional training with lived experience

  • Are practical and informative

  • Are neuro-affirming and reflective of current research and understanding

  • Are accessible for those who struggle to attend in-person or live on-line training

  • Include life-time access, enabling you to return to sessions as needed

  • Are good value

  • Are immediately available (no waiting lists) 

You can find out more about the programmes and access the initial sessions below.

If you decide to purchase them, using the code TBYB at checkout will give you £5 off. 

New Pathways

For Parents and Carers

(with an extra session for siblings)

New Pathways consists of 15 sessions for parents/carers, and 1 session for siblings. The programme offers a real understanding of what it means to be autistic. It uses this understanding to consider how we can adapt our parenting to best meet our child’s needs and help them thrive. New Pathways is realistic in acknowledging the challenges which autistic children and their families can face, whilst also suggesting positive ways through them and supporting you to parent and advocate for your child with confidence.


All sessions are available on-demand for convenient access.


New Pathways covers the following and more:

  • Valuing neurodiversity

  • Sensory processing (including the vestibular, proprioceptive and interoceptive senses)

  • Autistic communication (including the double empathy problem)

  • Autistic ways of thinking, doing and learning (including executive functioning)

  • The theory of monotropsim

  • Masking and the importance of encouraging children to be themselves

  • Meltdowns and shutdowns

  • Encouraging self-advocacy

  • Reasonable adjustments and accommodations

  • Supporting co-regulation and self-regulation (including the role of interoception in regulation and alexithymia)

  • Parenting autistic children

  • Understanding and valuing PDA

  • Parenting PDA children

  • Low demand parenting

  • Supporting autistic children with school and education

  • Co-occurring conditions (ADHD, Tourette’s Syndrome and Tics, OCD, Dyspraxia and Apraxia, Dyslexia, ARFID, Trauma, Autistic Burnout)

  • Addressing parent blame

  • Supporting siblings

  • Looking to adulthood (the importance of positive autistic identity)

The first 3 sessions can be viewed below.

Transcripts are also provided.