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We value feedback highly; we actively seek and use it to shape and develop our work. We're particularly keen to hear and be guided by autistic voices (children and adults) and are always open to learning. 

Feedback from Your Pathway

“A brilliant course"

"Well-paced, engaging and really informative"

"It gave my child permission to acknowledge feelings and behaviours"

"Very strength not deficit focused"


"A great, neuro-affirming resource!"


"A nice mixture of activities to break the sessions up"


“One of the things that came out of the EHCP discussion is how far (he) has come, he no longer has a need to develop a positive autistic identity, (Your Pathway) helped him massively, he is proud of his autistic brain and wouldn't want to be without it!”

Feedback from New Pathways

"A great resource that I would definitely recommend"

"I would have found this course really useful when my son was first diagnosed"

"Extremely helpful for those who are just starting out exploring what it means to have someone with neurodiversity living with them"

"I like the support provided to parents"

"I found it really affirming that autism is not a disorder or deficit and is not bad news!"

"I particularly liked your neuro-affirming approach, and encouraging young people to embrace their true autistic selves"

"Really helpful to learn the affirming language to think about my child and use with others eg difference vs disorder and how to advocate for those differences"

“An invaluable addition to the resources we share with clients who receive a diagnosis”


"Validating for a lot of parents"


"It was really eye opening as we go on this journey with our children"


"One of the best training courses I have listened to”

"I really liked how well you have covered so many areas"


“I feel less isolated!”

Feedback from Training

"Sincere empathy and support for families of ND kids"

“I have done Autism training courses in the past which gives an overview. However, these courses have changed my thinking”

“The advice is amazing”

“I have felt under great pressure that my natural style of parenting based on instinct and intuition is inadequate and that I should, for example, take responsibility for teaching my child NT ways of communicating etc, which I feel a continual failure about - my biggest takeaway is that your course took this pressure off me and I feel much more confident now, not just about parenting, but about myself”

“the understanding that many parents of ND kids are maybe not NT themselves and the consequences of that were ingrained as normal in the course (eg even before I signed up for the course I read you said it was ok to not have cameras on or not to speak if we didn't feel comfortable with that)”

​“That was the most refreshing training, the wording and explanation was brilliant I could of listened to you for hours that hour flew, wow think I learnt more in that hour and can relate to so much you were saying”

"It’s amazing, I have gained so much knowledge around what autism is and how as a professional I can work with young people so thank you so much!"

“It was so helpful”

“One of the foster carers that I supervise attended your training last week and reported back how good the training was!” (Social Worker)

“I have been hearing good things about your lunchtime training sessions, so pleased they have gone well”. (Manager at Independent Fostering Agency)

Feedback from Tutoring

"Professional, honest, reliable, trustworthy, knowledgeable and a natural ability to put children at ease. Mr Witt tutored my daughter supporting with her learning in preparation for the Year 6 Maths SATS paper. He instilled a confidence and self belief in her that she did not have due to her additional learning needs. Mr Witt was extremely well prepared, kept the timing and content of the sessions just right for her and was happy to me talk through the various strategies he taught so that I could also continue with support at home. I have absolutely no hesitation in recommending Mr Witt to you. His services are superb and proved invaluable in my daughters learning journey".

"David is a great tutor and has made my daughter feel happy and comfortable during her online lessons with him. He teaches with humour and understanding of the child's needs".

"His approach to tutoring is relaxing and fun. Comes highly recommended and makes everyone feel at ease. He is very knowledgeable about all subjects he teaches".

"I would like to give a shout out for Dave! He’s been working with my son for about 10 months and the change in my child’s approach to learning is wonderful. Dave is patient and very understanding. He treats my son as an individual and has worked hard (tear your hair out hard sometimes!) to build inner confidence and self belief".

"I cannot thank Dave enough for his tutoring service he delivered flexibility, friendliness and easy to understand Maths GCSE tutoring for my daughter. He certainly increased both her understanding and her confidence towards her GCSE Maths exams. I would have no hesitation in recommending him to any children looking for help in all levels of Maths. Thank you so much".

"My daughter saw Dave for six weeks prior to her Maths GCSE examination. Dave immediately recognised her area of weakness in the subject and praised her strengths. She was extremely comfortable with Dave and was amazed at how much she had improved in the short amount of time. Dave is friendly, enthusiastic and extremely positive. His encouragement was just what my daughter needed before her exam.

Maths was previously her most problematic subject (hence getting a tutor) but after seeing Dave she felt it was one of her strongest exams".

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