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Training and resources
Exploring Pathways


We offer affordable training and talks for parents/carers and professionals.


Our training goes beyond 'autism awareness'; our aim is to provide insight into the autistic experience from the autistic perspective. 

We tailor the content of our training to meet your organisation's needs and the time you have available. If you are interested, please do contact us and we will be happy to discuss your requirements.

Our ‘Coffee Break Course’ series makes training accessible for those who have limited time but wish to develop their understanding. Sessions are FREE to access. Click on the links below to view them.


Each pre-recorded session last between 15-30 minutes…perfect to access during a quick coffee break.

Autism and Neurodiversity  FREE

Is autism a disorder or a neurotype?

Do autistic children show deficits or differences?

Does it matter? Absolutely!

Your answers will shape your approach with autistic children.

Is your aim to make them more like their neurotypical peers? Or to nurture their autistic identity?

We‘ll be exploring this and more in this FREE 15 minute course.

The session covers:

  • Understanding autism as a valuable part of human neurodiversity

  • The importance of being neurodiversity-affirming

  • Language matters: how to talk about autism

  • Encouraging children to be their authentic autistic selves

  • The theory of monotropism

We encourage you to access this before other courses in the series

3 sessions exploring the autism diagnostic criteria

Recognising differences rather than deficits, our focus will be on understanding those differences and respecting and accommodating for them.

  • Sensory Processing  FREE 

  • Communication and Social Interaction  FREE

  • Thinking, Doing and Learning  FREE


Meltdowns and Shutdowns  FREE

The session covers:

  • What is a meltdown/shutdown?

  • Supporting a child during meltdown/shutdown

  • Reducing/avoiding meltdowns and shutdowns


Masking  FREE

The session covers:

  • What is masking?

  • Why do people mask?

  • The impact of masking

  • Encouraging children to be themselves


The View from the Other Side  FREE

(for professionals working with neurodivergent families)

Addressing the mismatch between professionals' desire to support children and families and the way in which neurodivergent families often experience that support.

The session covers:

  • What is going wrong?

  • Exploring common misunderstandings

  • How can we better support neurodivergent families?

Please Note, this session is longer than the other Coffee Break Courses (around 1 hour).

See our Testimonials page for feedback on our courses.

Please contact us if you need subtitles for any of these recordings.

Free Resources

A fun resource teaching children about neurodiversity using electric circuits.

Please note, children will need access to a basic electric circuit kit for this session.

You are welcome to download the PowerPoint presentation and presenter's notes.

Do you work with autistic children/teens in any kind of therapeutic/helping role?

Standard therapeutic approaches are not always appropriate for autistic individuals 

(whether diagnosed or not yet identified) 

This FREE guide considers:

  • How to tailor our therapeutic approach for autistic children.

  • Important considerations for supporting autistic children.

  • How to provide the neuro-affirming care which is crucial for mental health and wellbeing.

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